SAS Approves External Wall Insulaters and Colour Tex Rendering

External wall insulation finished with a 6mm colour tex finish, available in both sprayed and hand-applied options. Trust our certified team, which also includes K-Rend applications for your property’s exterior surfaces.

Plastering (skimming) and Float & Set

Plastering (Skimming) Skimming involves applying a two-coat plaster mixture by hand. Skimming results in a flawless, glass-like surface that’s ready for painting or wallpapering.Here’s how we do it: Float & Set Plastering Float & Set is a traditional plastering technique that ensures a solid foundation for finishing. Here’s how it works: Get in touch with us now to discover further details… Continue reading Plastering (skimming) and Float & Set

Dry Lining and Cement Boarding

Dry Lining, as its name implies, involves the process of providing a smooth finish to meeting joints in plasterboard by applying plaster to timber/metal stud or brick walls. These joints can be treated with tape and jointing or skimmed for a seamless appearance. Our commitment to delivering exceptional dry-lining services and consistently maintaining the highest… Continue reading Dry Lining and Cement Boarding

Damp Proofing

At Arch Plastering, our speciality lies in addressing and remedying damp issues in both residential and commercial properties. Damp proofing is crucial for preventing water and moisture infiltration, and safeguarding interior spaces from damage. As an experienced local damp-proofing company we excel in damp-proofing basements, walls, and cellars across a wide variety of homes and… Continue reading Damp Proofing

Exterior Rendering Sand/Cement and Pro-Rend

At ARCH Plastering & Dry Lining Contractors, we specialise in high-quality rendering solutions that enhance the durability, appearance, and value of your property. Whether you’re looking for a traditional or modern finish, we’ve got you covered. Sand/Cement Rendering Our skilled team applies the time-tested sand/cement render method to block or brick surfaces. This budget-friendly option involves… Continue reading Exterior Rendering Sand/Cement and Pro-Rend